Painting Cabinets – Key Factors of Choosing the Best Color for Your Kitchen

When considering a change in your kitchen, the colour of your cabinets plays a big part in the look of the space. Cabinets take up a large area of the visual space, making it important that cabinet colour works in sync with the rest of your kitchen colours and decor. Updating your whole kitchen can be a large, inconvenient and expensive project. If you aren’t looking to do a full kitchen remodel, freshening up your cabinets with a coat of paint can provide just the right update you are looking for at a small cost. 

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right colour to paint your kitchen cabinets such as lighting, backslash colour, appliances, material type and evening flooring. But the 3 most important things you want to take into consideration when choosing your colour are:

• Style

• Size

• Contrast

Since painting your cabinets can be a pretty big task depending on the size of your kitchen, you want to choose a colour that you will be happy with for years to come, as most homeowners don’t paint their kitchen cabinets too frequently.


A good place to start is with your cabinet’s design style. If you have a more traditional kitchen, classic colours such as a white or cream will almost always work well. On the other hand, if you have a modern kitchen, you probably can expand your palette pretty significantly, utilizing contrasting tones and bright colours. Style can also consist of knowing what kind of material your cabinets are made out of and if there are any restrictions as to what paint you are able to use. The material of cabinets might also work with certain colours better than others. Typically, wood is the best cabinet surface to paint, as it can work whether it is unfinished, painted or stained. Laminates can be painted, but they are to as long-lasting. 


 Cabinet size is another factor that plays a big role in choosing what colour to paint them. Do you have a big kitchen with a lot of cabinetry or a small kitchen with only a small section of cabinets? A small or under-lit kitchen could benefit from light coloured kitchen cabinets, while dark cabinets will work in a larger space with more lighting.


In many homes, creating a contrast in your kitchen can provide your space with a stunning look. The contrast created between dark cabinets paired with light kitchen design is popular in many modern kitchens. The contrast between your cabinet colour and the other elements in your kitchen can depend on the lighting of the room and your own personal style. Some homeowners with black coloured appliances might choose the paint their cabinets a dark brown or another deep-toned colour so that the appliances blend in a little better. While others may choose to paint their cabinets white or a light colour despite having dark-coloured appliances. 

Aside from those factors, it is important to choose the colours that you love. It is your home and you should feel happy each time you are walking into that kitchen. Of course, it is great to explore popular colour trends and weigh out all of your options, but at the end of it all, you should choose a colour that works best for your taste and the look you are going for. Cabinets are an important aspect of the kitchen, often serving as a focal point, as they tend to cover more wall space than what is left open to paint many times.


Once your colour is chosen, it might be overwhelming to think about how you are going to tackle the project of painting your cabinets. There are a lot of steps to consider if you are thinking of taking the project such as: removing the hardware, covering countertops, sanding the cabinets, priming the cabinets, and so on. Many homeowners may not know where to start or what tools they might need. 

That is where we can help! At Painters in Vancouver, our experts will know exactly how to tackle your project so that your kitchen is painted in a timely manner and without any mistakes. Give us a call today and we will come out to your home to give you’re a free estimate!

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