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If you are ready to update the look of your home, our team here at Painters In Vancouver is ready to help you make it happen. Painting a home or commercial property is something owners can do that offers maximum visual impact with minimal disruption to day-to-day life. A straightforward and cost-effective option, it is also a great way to prepare a home for sale or just breathe new life into an aging property! No matter what results you are looking for, our Vancouver painting experts can sit down with you and determine the best services to realize your vision.

Interior & Exterior Painting for Your Business
When choosing painters for your business, there are many advantages to choosing an experienced company. Over years of painting experiences here in Metro Vancouver Area, we have established proven methods, business practices, and processes that are seamless. You can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and to your satisfaction. We provide exceptional quality painting services for:
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Medical facilities
  • Fitness centers
  • Property management companies
Our painters have the skill and experience to ensure that our commercial painting jobs are completed quickly and with the highest standard of quality. We make sure they have the best quality materials and equipment to handle any interior or exterior painting project with the highest level of professional service. Our commercial painters have exceptional painting skills and a keen eye for detail to provide beautiful results.
Excellent Service & Transparent Pricing
At Painters in Vancouver, we provide a personalized agreement for commercial painting in BC. The agreement provides a complete outline of our services, the time frame for completion, and the total cost of your paint job. We have large crews to ensure that we are always punctual, and every job is finished on time.
Precision Repair You Can Depend On

Damage to drywall happens in a number of ways, from children rough housing to damage caused by normal wear and tear or other home improvement projects. At Painters In Vancouver, we understand that holes or other damage to drywall can diminish the appearance of your home. Prior to painting your walls, we can provide any necessary repairs to your drywall.

Drywall Repair Services

The condition of your drywall has an impact on the aesthetics of your home and the impression of your guests. If you are embarrassed by damage to your walls, we can help. Our experienced professionals can repair the wall prior to starting your interior painting project to provide the best possible results.

We offer repair for many common drywall problems, including:

  • Small punch through holes from nails
  • Loose joint tape
  • Nails popping
  • Damage from moisture or mold
  • Damage caused by children or normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by rodents
  • Cracks caused by the house settling
  • Furniture scuffs
  • Damage caused by tile removal

Repairing the drywall prior to painting results in a better-looking finished project. Our technicians have decades of experience, and the materials and equipment to create a clean, smooth finish on your interior walls. Small holes can be easily repaired by filling them with spackle, while large holes may need to be patched and spackled before we can proceed with the painting.

Priming Drywall for Paint

Prior to beginning your painting job, we will do a walk-through of the space and inspect your drywall for any existing damage. We carefully repair the damage and sand the area down until it is completely smooth and flush to ensure that you will get the best look after the painting is complete.

Expert Service at Affordable Rates
Painting the exterior of your home is a fast and affordable way to transform its appearance and increase curb appeal. At Painters In Vancouver, we offer exterior painting in BC for all types of exterior surfaces and decks. Our business services the needs of homes and commercial properties throughout Metro Vancouver.
Quality Painting for All Exterior Surfaces
The color and quality of the paint job on your home’s exterior affects the aesthetic, and fresh paint keeps your home updated and attractive. Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to enhance the look of your home, our professional painters will exceed your expectations. We provide painting for a wide variety of home exteriors. Our painters are experienced with all types of outdoor materials, including:
  • Wood siding
  • Composite siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Cedar shingle siding
  • Stucco siding
  • Eavestrough siding
  • Brick
  • FasciaConcrete
We have honed our process to be as seamless as possible. Prior to booking your job, we will call to confirm the colors, details of your project, and answer your questions. Our painters carefully prepare your home by covering plants and trees, decks, and outdoor furniture. We pressure wash your home, wash surfaces, and fill any holes or cracks, protecting your windows and doors so nothing is damaged in the painting process.
Get Started with a Color Consultation
Selecting the perfect color for your home’s exterior is often the most challenging part of the process for our customers. We are happy to consult with you about the colors that will work best for your home. our painting experts can discuss the basic color schemes and suggest various ideas to help you find the ideal new color for your home.
Trusted Professionals with Decades of Experience
Imagine walking into a freshly painted living space that looks new and completely updated. The experienced professionals at Painters In Vancouver offer services for house painting in Metro Vancouver to meet virtually any need. We take the time and care to make your vision a reality at an affordable price and set a reasonable timeline for completion.
Services to Transform Any Area of Your Home
Our mix and match service is guaranteed to produce the results you want. We have nearly 20 years of experience and understand that updating your paint may require additional services, such as repairing drywall, removing outdated wallpaper, or taking out old popcorn ceilings. We offer a wide range of services to enhance every area of your home. Our house painting services include:
  • Interior house painting: Create a unique look in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other area of your interior living space
  • Exterior house painting: Exceptional quality painting service for brick, stucco, wood, vinyl siding, or any other exterior service
  • Wallpaper removal: Let us remove wallpaper and prep your home for a flawless new paint job
  • Popcorn ceiling removal: If your ceilings look dated, let us remove the popcorn and create a sleek surface
  • Drywall repair & installation: We patch holes, repair water damage, mold, and other blemishes
  • Cabinet painting & refinishing: Create a completely new look without the expense of new cabinetry
  • Deck & fence painting: Staining and painting service to transform your home’s exterior
  • Pressure washing: Eliminate years of grime and prep your home for new paint
We understand that choosing a new color for your home’s exterior can be overwhelming. We offer a color consultation to discuss your options for colors and finishes to help you find the perfect new aesthetic for your home.
Start Planning Your Project
Whether you want to refinish your cabinets, update the exterior of your home, or create a more inviting space on the interior, we offer house painting in Vancouver to meet your specific needs. We recommend starting with a consultation, so you can learn about the available options and make an informed decision for your home.
Giving Your Home New Life

The interior paint in a home has a significant influence on its aesthetic and atmosphere. Refreshing paint or taking on a whole new color scheme is an easy and affordable way to transform the interior of your home to better suit your sense of style. The pros at Painters In Vancouver offer interior painting in Metro Vancouver to refresh your living spaces or prepare your home for sale.

Creating the Ideal Atmosphere in Your Home

When painting the inside of your home, choosing the right colors is essential to creating the desired aesthetic – but making a decision can be difficult. Our painting experts will sit with you and walk you through some basic color schemes and ideas. We offer outstanding service throughout every phase of your project, from the initial color consultation until the work is complete.

We paint all interior living spaces, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Home offices
  • Foyers
  • Basements
  • Doors and windows

When you work with Painters in Vancouver, you can expect the highest level of professional service from start to finish. We will provide you with a personalized and detailed agreement for your project. The agreement outlines our services, the total cost of the project, and an estimated time frame for completion. Our team of professionals will carefully execute the plan to ensure a smooth process.

Let a Professional Handle the Job

Hiring a professional for interior painting in Vancouver can save time, money, and headaches. Our painters are equipped with the best materials to deliver the highest quality results. Our team guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work.

Residential & Commercial Patio Installation & Repair

Is your lifted patio in need of repair? Are you planning to install a patio at your home or commercial property? At Painters In Vancouver, we are equipped to repair existing patios and provide residential and commercial patio installation in Metro Vancouver. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Patio Design & Installation

No job is too big or too small for our skilled masonry team. Whether you want a patio for your home, restaurant, or business, we can work with you to design the perfect space to meet your specific requirements. We value our professional team and make sure they have the materials, tools, and equipment needed to install your new patio to your exact specifications.

We design and install the perfect patios to entertain guests, including:

  • Paver patios
  • Brick patios
  • Raised patios
  • Garden patios

We offer a wide selection of pavers and bricks to create the perfect patio for any architectural design and color. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure lasting beauty and value for our customers. Our contractors are equipped to provide exceptional quality installation to ensure that your patio is properly laid and leveled to withstand the unpredictable weather that is so common in BC.

Restore Your Exterior Space with Expert Patio Repair

Over time, the weather, age, improper installation, or lack of maintenance can result in a patio becoming unattractive or even dangerous. If your brick or stone patio needs some attention, we can assess the condition of the patio and recommend the best repair option to restore your patio at a price that will fit your budget.

Update Your Home’s Interior

If you bought your home more than a decade ago, you may have popcorn ceilings. This aesthetic was trendy a decade or two ago, but a sleek and smooth look is preferred by many of today’s homeowners. If you are tired of outdated popcorn ceilings, call Painters In Vancouver. Our team of professionals handles popcorn ceiling removal in Metro Vancouver.

Safely Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings make your home look dated. Depending on when the material was applied to the ceiling, it may contain asbestos or other hazardous materials. Proper removal is required to ensure there are no potential health risks for your family. Our professional team has the training, experience, and resources to handle your popcorn ceiling removal in BC safely and effectively.

Preparing Your Ceiling for Paint

The first step to a sleek, modern finish on the ceiling is to remove the popcorn ceiling. Although do-it-yourself removal tutorials can be found online, the process requires skill and safety precautions. Our team offers superior quality service for popcorn ceiling removal in BC. We have more than three decades of experience and have handled many textured ceiling removal and interior painting projects.

You can depend on our team to:

  • Utilize proper safety precautions
  • Provide efficient popcorn ceiling removal
  • Thoroughly clean up the work area
  • Communicate with you throughout the process
  • Finish the job on time and to your satisfaction

Once your popcorn ceiling has been removed, we can proceed with your interior painting job. The end result will be a smooth, attractive ceiling that fits better with your home décor. We offer consultations to discuss your popcorn ceiling removal and help you with color selection for your painting project.

Professional Masonry Contractors

A retaining wall is used to hold back soil and allow for proper drainage. Although constructing a stone wall or retaining wall may seem like a relatively simple project, the process is a bit more complicated. An incorrectly constructed wall can shift and fail to properly hold back the soil. At Painters In Vancouver, we offer installation and repair of retaining stone walls in Metro Vancouver.

Types of Retaining Walls

Stone walls can be built in a variety of types and textures, depending on your property’s requirements and your own preferences. The most common are dry walls and mortar walls. Dry walls are built using dry stone and create a more natural or rustic look. Mortar walls use stones that are cut and constructed evenly for a more polished and modern appearance.

Retaining Wall Installation & Repair

Regardless of the type of retaining wall you want to install, it is important to leave the job to a professional. Our masonry team uses a careful approach for installing retaining stone walls in BC. We can handle any stone or retaining wall need, from new construction to retaining wall repair.

We are equipped to fix an array of problems, including:

  • A retaining wall that is leaning
  • Crumbled sections of the wall
  • Bulging or cracked concrete
  • Uneven wall
  • Missing stone or bricks
  • Cracked or broken bricks

Our stone walls and retaining walls are carefully designed and constructed to ensure that the wall is thick enough and anchored properly to retain the soil and prevent problems in the future. We value your time, so we make sure your project timeline is set in place and work diligently to complete the job according to the established timeline.

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